DWAD at Britain’s Got Talent!!

On Tuesday the 30th of October, Dance with a Difference was invited to Birmingham to  audition for Britains Got Talent. We decided to take 9 of our wheel chair users and do our dance routine that we danced to in our show.[I AM WHAT I AM] Despite our early start, 5am we all had a very exciting and memorable day. We arrived at 9am and we were taken straight inside so that we didn’t have to stand out in the cold, nothing was too much trouble for them. It was great fun watching all of the other acts practicing and we danced and clapped along with them. Then at about 11am we were called in to dance our routine in front of the producer, we were all very nervous, but he made us feel very special and wanted to know all about us, our performance wasn’t perfect but not too bad, he said that it was very inspirational and thanked us for coming. We all had a great day that we will never forget and fingers crossed that we get through to the next round, we will keep you all informed. Here are some pictures of our very exciting day.